Focus & Scopes

Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Pendidikan Matematika (JP3M) (p-ISSN: 2622-8246 | e-ISSN: 2622-7673) is a scientificpeer-reviewed and open-access journal published by Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Rekarta Mataram half-yearly on May and November. The journal aims to publish high quality research in mathematics education including teaching and learning, instruction, curriculum development, learning environments, teacher education, educational technology, educational developments, from many kinds of research such as survey, research and development, experimental research, classroom action research, etc. The scopes of the published articles in the prioritized order are as follows:

1) Critical of mathematics education (values, characters or moral development, language, equity, social justice, social emotional, social political, ethnomathematics, history, religious, etc)

The scope pertains to the ideas that teaching and learning mathematics are not only about the mathematics itself but also its connection to a broader context of our life.

(2) Affects in mathematics teaching and learning

The scope deals with a basic question, how mathematics-related affects contribute to the teaching and learning of mathematics? 

The affects in mathematics education can be various topics such as beliefs, emotions, self-efficacy, confidence, motivations, identity, mathematics anxiety.

(3) The development of students mathematics literacy

This scope answer the question, how mathematics learning develop students mathematics literacy? 

It refers to researches on the teachers' effort from primary until undergraduate to support and enhance students' roles and engagement in constructing mathematics knowledge and skills. It is not only about the achievement of students but also the process of learning which develop character, values, attitudes, problem-solving, reasoning and proofrepresentations, connections, communications, and high order thinking. The teachers' effort can be in the form of developing mathematics taskslearning materialsthe use of digital technologies, etc.

(4) The development of mathematics teachers (pre-service and in-service) competencies

The scope is devoted to any researches to support prospective and/or in-service mathematics teachers develop pedagogical values, pedagogical identities, and technological/pedagogical content knowledge through mathematics teacher education and professional development program.